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Meet Our Team of Trainers

Our team of trainers has a vast array of experience in the Beauty industry. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge in many different technical skills and expertise. For example, our academy principal, Ms Nancy Sng has more than 30 years of experience and a business owner herself, she has imparted knowledge to many students throughout her career. She is also a prestige iTEC and ITE Singapore certified trainer.

Our other highly respected trainers are Ms Jolin Zhou, Mr Yang Yaoguo and Ms Jia Quanhong. All of them hold recognized and outstanding international certifications and credentials.

Training and imparting skills are not the only areas our trainers are involved in but over the years, they have also been invited to participate in seminars with regards to beauty products, techniques and skills required.They are also highly regarded Assessors for various competitions held in Singapore, Korea and China and the region.

They are also serious learners who upgrade their skill sets and knowledge through continuous learning so as to bring to our students the latest and the best.

Our Strong Credentials